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The UN Security Council will meet today at 11pm (mainland Portugal time) to decide on the conflict between Israel and Hamas and discuss two competing draft resolutions: one authored by Russia and the other by Brazil.

On Friday, Russia distributed to Council member states a draft resolution calling for an “immediate, lasting and fully respected humanitarian ceasefire”, while Brazil, which presides over the Council this month, will also present a text which condemns “Hamas’ hateful terrorist attacks,” according to diplomatic sources.

The text proposed by Moscow “strongly condemns all violence and hostilities against civilians and all acts of terrorism”.

However, at least in the version circulated until Sunday, the draft resolution did not name Hamas, while the United States insists that the Security Council clearly condemn the “heinous terrorist acts” of the Palestinian Islamist movement that launched an attack on 7 October on an unprecedented scale against Israel.

In today’s social media post, Dmitry Polyanskiy pointed out that, in order to balance his draft resolution, the Russian mission proposed “two amendments that condemn the indiscriminate attacks against the Gaza Strip and call for a humanitarian ceasefire to alleviate the terrible situation of the civilian population in Gaza”.

It was unclear whether these changes clearly mentioned Hamas.

To be adopted, a resolution requires the approval of at least nine of the 15 Council members, without any veto from one of the five permanent members (United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China).

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