“O The Israeli side was informed of the main points of the telephone contacts that took place today with the leaders of Palestine, Egypt, Iran and Syria,” the Kremlin said in a statement.

Putin conveyed his “deepest condolences” to the families of the dead Israelis and stressed “his firm rejection and condemnation of any action whose victims are the civilian population, including women and children”, said the same source.

In dialogue with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Russian head of state reported on the measures taken by Russia to contribute “to the normalization of the situation and to prevent a new escalation of violence and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip.”

Furthermore, he confirmed Moscow’s willingness to continue working “in the interests of putting an end to the Israeli-Palestinian confrontation and achieving a peaceful solution through political and diplomatic means.”

The Russian ruler also informed Netanyahu about the telephone conversations held today with the president of the Palestinian National Authority (ANP), Mahmoud Abbas, and with the leaders of Egypt, Iran and Syria.

“A unanimous opinion was expressed on the need for an immediate ceasefire and the establishment of a humanitarian truce in order to provide urgent assistance to all those in need,” the Kremlin also highlighted in the press release.

Putin’s interlocutors, including the Egyptian Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Iranian Ebrahim Raisi and the Syrian Bashar al Assad, defended “the lifting of the blockade on Gaza for the urgent supply of medicines, food and other essential items”.

“Great concern was also expressed about the possibility of the conflict turning into a regional war,” he added.

Last Friday, the head of the Kremlin warned that the civilian casualties that an Israeli ground operation in Gaza would cause were unacceptable.

According to the Kremlin leader, the outbreak of violence in the Middle East is a “great tragedy”, which is the result of the failure of US policy in that region.

Russia has traditionally maintained good relations with the Israeli and Palestinian authorities, as well as with several regional players, such as Syria, Egypt and Iran.

The Islamist group Hamas launched a surprise attack against Israel on October 7 with the launch of thousands of rockets and the incursion of armed militiamen by land, sea and air.

In response, Israel has been bombing several Hamas infrastructures in the Gaza Strip and imposed a siege on the territory, cutting off water, fuel and electricity supplies.

The attacks have already caused thousands of deaths and injuries in both territories.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel is “at war” with Hamas.

Tel Aviv has been gathering troops near the territory of the Gaza Strip, an enclave controlled by the Islamist group since 2007, in preparation for a likely offensive against Hamas.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2421363/putin-discute-conflito-com-o-hamas-pela-primeira-vez-com-netanyahu

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