Night attacks against the port city of Odessa, on the shores of the Black Sea, caused seven deaths, including a child, and the destruction of a nine-story buildingaccording to Ukrainian authorities.

“It’s terrifying,” Natalia, a resident of the neighborhood, told AFP. “The damage is enormous,” she said.

Eight people were also injured in the attack.including a minor, according to a new balance reported by Ukrainian rescuers.

Images spread on social networks show a building partially in ruins. In addition, three more people were killed in Russian bombings in the regions of Kherson, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia, according to authorities.

“Russia continues attacking civilians”Zelensky lamented on social media. “We need more air defense from our allies. We need to strengthen the Ukrainian air shield to better protect our people from Russian terrorism and save lives,” he added.

Victory against Russia “depends on you,” the Ukrainian president warned his Western allies a few days ago.

After two years of war, the Ukrainian president has urged his Western allies in recent days to deliver military aid more quicklyespecially ammunition, air defense systems and combat aircraft.

In parallel, Ukraine appears to have carried out a night attack with a drone that hit a residential building in Saint Petersburg, the second most important city in Russia.

Local Russian authorities said an “incident” had occurred, the term usually used to describe Ukrainian attacks, but They declared that there were no victims.

Several videos circulating on Russian social networks showed a drone crashing into the building and caused an explosion.

The local branch of the Russian National Guard said that according to preliminary data, the damage was due to the fall of a drone.

Ukrainian media reported in turn that the drone was shot down by Russian air defense when it was heading to an oil depot, located less than a kilometer from the scene of the incident.

kyiv attacked several Russian oil facilities in recent months, in what it calls a justified response to Moscow’s repeated attacks on the Ukrainian power grid.


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