A woman intended to deceive a bank in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after entering the financial institution for her uncle to sign a loan and thus withdraw almost 13 million Colombian pesos. The unusual thing is that this person’s relative could not make his signature valid, since he was dead.

The bank workers themselves began to suspect this woman and began to record with their cell phones the moment in which she pretended to speak to the deceased and assisted him in signing the form.
They immediately called the authorities, They arrived and found that the man had been dead for several hours.

They transferred the body of the elderly adult to Forensic Medicine. At the same time, they arrested the person who tried to deceive the bank and are currently investigating her for two serious crimes: embezzlement of funds and desecration of a corpse.

The financial institution assured that it will collaborate with justice so that this woman pays for the crimes committed and they assured that, as soon as they noticed the anomalies, they did not hesitate to call the Police.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/descaradas-palabras-de-mujer-que-entro-un-muerto-al-banco-tio-estas-escuchando-rg10

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