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Flies come into our homes for a variety of reasons. They seek out warm, humid places, food sources like leftovers, ripe fruit, and even trash cans. They’re also attracted to strong odors, which is why they always seem to find their way into our kitchens. Aside from the discomfort they cause, flies can carry bacteria and contaminate our food. To make your homemade fly spray, you’ll only need three ingredients: white vinegar, 10 cloves, and 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil. In a spray bottle, mix all of this with a little hot water, and voila!

Spray this mixture around problem areas in your home, such as windows, doors, and kitchen counters. You will quickly see a reduction in the presence of flies. This solution is not only effective, but also respectful of your health and the environment, compared to chemical insecticides. By using this homemade spray, you can say goodbye to flies in a natural and effective way. In addition to protecting your home from invasions of these insects, you benefit from a pleasantly scented interior thanks to lavender essential oil. Don’t wait any longer to try this simple recipe and discover the pleasure of a fly-free home.


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