A The fourth and final season of ‘Sex Education’ recently premiered, but the series is once again being highly praised for its approach to personal and sexual issues – so much so that a family planning movement in France launched a sex education campaign inspired by by the Netflix series.

The agency, Le Planning Familial, wants to promote a positive environment to help young people ask questions about their sexuality and identity, in a campaign that, according to the BBC, aims to “fight for access to sexual education for all”.

The campaign involves posters, with questions inspired by ‘Sex Education’, but asked by young people between 15 and 25 years old, which were spread across several French cities.

The series premiered its final season last week, after starting in 2019 and becoming one of the most popular on Netflix and streaming platforms in general.

The program has been widely applauded by critics and the queer community around the world, who praised the series for featuring LGBTI+ people in a positive, caring and happy way, without forgetting the difficulties they go through at school, as they try to understand their identity. own identity.

Around 55 million people watched season 3 in the first month it was released.

The organization Le Planning Familial recalls that the school period is complicated when it comes to sexuality issues and, although the subject of sexual education has been mandatory in France since 2001, the movement warns that the campaign comes “at a time when access to inclusive and trustworthy sources about sex is at risk.”

Therefore, the series is also promoted by the organization itself, considering it an important source of information to encourage more young people to seek help to understand themselves better.

The posters include a phone line and some questions asked by young people, such as: “Is contraception only for girls?” or “how do I know if I like boys or girls”?

The tagline is “this is the last season, but sex education continues.”

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