Last Good Friday, two criminals entered the home of a 63-year-old veterinarian, gagged her and beat her.. The woman’s torment did not stop there, because the next two days she had to deal with a trauma and concern that she made known on her networks. In the end all that pressure ended in cardiac arrest that ended her life.

According to Todo Noticias, the woman was identified as Emilia Merlo. After going through the bitter pill of the robbery in her house, located in the town of City Bell, in Argentina, the woman entered into an emotional crisis.. “Stay still, don’t scream. If you behave well, I’m not going to do anything to you,” were the words that the criminal said to him and that he did not get out of his head in the days before his death.

The woman told in detail what happened in an interview with the newspaper El Día, cited by TN: The two men surprised her from behind, grabbed her neck and covered her mouth.. Then they tied her hands and feet with an apron, and covered her airways with a scarf. “Stay still or I’ll cut your head off,” were the words of one of the criminals after covering her with a blanket.

Apparently, the two men had studied the robbery. After gagging the woman, taking her cell phone and keys, they asked her for her vehicles, but the particular thing was that they knew what cars she had and their respective brands: “How can it be, if you have your car and a Honda Biz motorcycle”. In the end, the criminals took his belongings and the keys to the house and cars.

After what happened, the woman published an account of what happened on Facebook: “I’m very bad. Last night two guys robbed me, mistreated me, left me tied and gagged inside, they took my cell phone, but they were looking for more. Anyway, they didn’t kill me, thank God.. “I don’t have a cell phone, it’s disabled until the problem is solved.”

His publication received several comments; what is not clear is Whether it was a message for help or a simple account of what happened. In the middle of Easter Sunday the woman died due to cardiac arrest.

The news caused shock among the local residents, because she was their pets’ veterinarian and worked daily for the animals’ well-being.


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