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Elected, once again, favorite chef of the French Cyril Lignac is distinguished on television and radio by his good nature and his singing accent. If he takes pleasure in entertaining us, with good humor, it is rarer for him to discuss more personal subjects. Thanks to an interview given to Le Parisien, we learn more about his tastes and his background.

TV presenter, starred chef, chocolatier, pastry chef, owner of establishments with multiple cultural inspirations, the least we can say is that Cyril Lignac loves variety in all its forms… and it’s no coincidence . A true lover of distant lands, he says he “had the chance to travel a lot, to India, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Italy (…) When you come from nowhere, you want to know, to understand, to cultivate yourself, particularly about taste but also on other disciplines, such as art or design…”, he explains. Among all these trips, there is one that particularly marked him: Japan. “When you are a chef, at the time I was even a star, Japan is a natural destinationhe remembers, The beauty of the gesture of Japanese chefs, the quality of the product, the natural simplicity of the taste, it was a revelation for me, and I am not the only cook to have been captivated: the ramen, the sushi, the Kobe beef , fugu fish, teppanyaki, rice cultivation…” We now understand where his inspiration for deviled eggs with wasabi and other exotic recipes comes from…

This love of diversity does not stop at his professional life since it is also found on the plate of this jack of all trades. “I like vegetables, I like fish, I like raw food, he declares, But we, the Aveyronnais, like meat.” He also admits to loving Italian cuisine, especially that of Langosteria restaurants, being “happy to eat squids in the Basque Country, to eat fish in Brittany or bouillabaisse in Marseille, barbajuans or artichokes on the Côte d’Azur…” and to have “an addiction to cakes”. Even though he enjoys a multitude of foods, his favorite remains “prime rib” he says “grill my Aubrac rib of beef on the barbecue, quite simply, with a little fleur de sel.“He generally tastes it”with aligot: old potatoes cooked with the skin on, peeled, crushed with a potato masher, crème fraîche, fresh tomme from Laguiole less than three days old so that the aligot spins well.

On the other hand, he doesn’t really appreciate “loyster and its very strong iodized taste”, certainly because it is a product that he did not have without his native region. He therefore explains not having it “apprehended”.


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