There is mourning in Chile due to a tragedy that involved a renowned actress. Mariana Denderián’s 6-year-old son died in a raging fire in her house, located in the Vitacura commune. The incident, which broke out in the early hours of the morning, trapped the little boy in his room, preventing him from escaping the flames.

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What was the fire like in Mariana Denderián’s house?

The accident occurred in the early morning of Wednesday, May 8, 2024, in the commune of Vitacura, Santiago de Chile. According to reports, The fire started around 2:00 am, when the family was sleeping.

The actress and her eldest daughter managed to evacuate the home, but her youngest son was trapped in his room. According to the journalist Karen Cordovez, who covered the case, the little boy escaped from Mariana Denderián’s hands, apparently because he was scared.

“She and her two children were leaving the house, but the baby got scared and ran away. At first Mariana thought he had gone outside and gotten lost in the street. Then he realized he was inside the house. It was then that they tried to access the room through the skylight, but it was too late. “The fire consumed everything in 40 minutes.”the reporter told the local media Teleshow.

Despite the desperate efforts of his father, the journalist Francisco Aravena, who tried to rescue him, The child could not be saved and died due to the fire.

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Aravena, who lives just two blocks away, ran to the house when he heard about the fire and tried to help, but was seriously injured and placed in an induced coma.

Authorities are investigating the causes of the fire, which is preliminarily attributed to an electrical overload in the minor’s room. An oleoelectric stove that heated a light material or fabric could have started the fire.

An additional difficulty for firefighters was a security grill in the child’s room, which complicated access and rescue.

“Mariana dear! ♥️♥️♥️ 🙌🙌🙌 My soul hurts. I hug you with my heart”, “Mariana, all my love and prayers, a big hug with a lot of strength and love”, “We are sorry, we are all sorry. Today all Chilean mothers are in national mourning. We all hug you, strong, strong 🤍” and “❤️God I bless you, I hug you and I accompany you in this very difficult time 😢”, commented users on social networks.


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