O The announcement of the opening of this “preliminary investigation”, on Wednesday, by a court in Madrid, led the leader of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, to say that he is considering leaving office, promising a public statement about his future next Monday- fair.

The judicial investigation into Pedro Sánchez’s wife, Begoña Gómez, results from a complaint for alleged influence peddling filed by the association “Mãos Limpas”, associated with the Spanish extreme right.

The association said today that the complaint it filed earlier this month is based on digital media content and comments on television programs.

Admitting that the allegations may be false, the association said that the responsibility lies with the media that published them and that, in any case, it is to determine their veracity that the judicial investigation should be used.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office today decided to close the case and asked the investigating judge to do so, according to sources cited by several Spanish media outlets.

Prosecutors argued that there is no evidence of crime that would justify opening criminal proceedings, according to the EFE news agency, which cites sources familiar with the case.

At issue are Begoña Gómez’s alleged connections to private companies, such as the airline Air Europa, which received public support during the pandemic crisis or signed contracts with the State when Sánchez was already prime minister.

In a text published on the social network X, Sánchez attributed the judicial investigation involving the woman to persecution and a campaign by the right and extreme right, fueled by the Popular Party (PP) and Vox.

The socialist Prime Minister, in office since 2018, said he needed to “stop and reflect” to answer the question of whether it is worth continuing to head the Government “despite the quagmire in which the right and extreme right seek transform politics.”

Sánchez said that his wife and himself have been victims of the PP and Vox’s “sludge machine” for months and accused the two parties of “an operation of personal harassment and destruction” because they do not accept the results of the last elections and realized that “the political attack would not be enough”.

PP and Vox accused him of victimizing himself and putting on “a spectacle” that embarrasses Spain internationally to divert attention from various corruption suspicions, instead of providing clarifications.

In addition to this suspicion involving the woman, Sánchez has been attacked because of a judicial investigation into an advisor to a former socialist minister who allegedly charged illegal commissions to sell masks during the pandemic to public entities, including regional governments then in the hands of the PSOE. .

This case led to the creation of commissions of inquiry in parliament, supported by socialists, into the purchase of sanitary material by public administrations during the covid-19 crisis. The work of these commissions started this week.

Since admitting the possibility of resigning, Sánchez has received the support of the parliamentary ‘contraption’ parties that last November made the current government viable for him and who asked him not to resign.

There is also a mobilization of PSOE leaders and structures, with public demonstrations in support of the prime minister and calls for demonstrations on Saturday.

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