“IUnfortunately, we cannot choose to deal with just one crisis at a time”, said Stoltenberg in a speech to the Norwegian parliament, which is currently hosting the 75th session of the Nordic Council (inter-parliamentary organization) in Oslo.

“Another winter is approaching, and we must expect new attacks on energy supplies and other essential infrastructure”, declared the official, referring to Ukraine and adding that everything indicates that Russia is preparing for “more war” and not for peace.

The secretary general of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Western defense bloc) therefore urged member states to continue arming Ukraine with an arsenal of “high quality and in large quantities”, to that Kiev can strengthen its position at the negotiating table.

Furthermore, when the war ends, it is necessary to ensure “that history does not repeat itself again”, which is why “all NATO countries agree that Ukraine should become a member of the organization”, he added.

Stoltenberg also warned that China “is closely following developments” and that “what is happening now in Europe could happen tomorrow in East Asia”, referring to a possible future invasion of Taiwan.

According to the head of the Atlantic Alliance, dependence on imports from China makes countries “vulnerable” and when negotiating with Beijing it is necessary to avoid making “the same mistake” that was made with Russia.

Regarding the situation in the Middle East, Stoltenberg highlighted the importance that the war does not turn into a large-scale conflict due to intervention by Iran and the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah.

He also reiterated his condemnation of the unprecedented attack by the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas on Israel, on October 7, but stressed that it was important that the Israeli response “is carried out within the framework of international law” and that civilian lives are protected .

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2431636/stoltenberg-pede-que-guerra-em-gaza-nao-diminua-vontade-de-apoiar-kyiv

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