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Enjoyed as they are, with a little whipped cream, in tarts, in sorbet, in coulis or in jam, it’s very simple, we love strawberries! And that’s good because at the moment, there are plenty of them on the stalls. Production is in full swing, to the point where market gardeners fear unsold goods and are therefore more inclined to lower their prices. Enough to get good deals!

We have all noticed that the last few weeks have been particularly gloomy and the month of May is ranked among the wettest and least sunny in the last 30 years. A record we could have done without! This terrible weather has penalized fruit and vegetable producers. According to ” PDO Strawberries from France » (association which brings together strawberry and raspberry producers), production fell by 13% compared to 2023.

But since the return of good weather, production has increased sharply, and has even peaked since the weekend of June 8 and 9. The delay is about to be made up. As a result, market and supermarket stalls are overwhelmed with strawberries!

Problem is, this improvement could well turn against producers who risk finding themselves with unsold goods. Hence their call to buy strawberries to avoid having tons of excess fruit on their hands.

To encourage consumers to enjoy gariguettes or charlottes, market gardeners and distributors are logically more inclined to lower their prices.

To sell off stocks, gariguettes sometimes display a discount of more than 20%. A godsend for lovers of this deliciously tangy red fruit! Promotions are multiplying everywhere and we are seeing, in supermarkets, 250g trays offered for around €2.15.

The price decline is expected to continue in the coming days. We can therefore only advise, both to support the sector and to have fun, to consume strawberries without moderation. A good deed that tastes good!


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