In a primary school in Bahía Blanca, Argentina, a case that is difficult to believe occurred: a 12-year-old student brutally attacked a teacherwho had to be transferred to a care center to receive care.

According to what was revealed by the Clarín media, the teacher, who was identified as Ana María Lencina, He suffered a broken jaw and a deviated septum.

According to that Argentine media, everything happened when the teacher and the student were chatting in the school cafeteria. At that moment and without prior warning, the minor knocked her out with his fists to the face.

However, another version suggests that the attack was unleashed because the teacher asked the student to remove the hood of his jacket in the middle of classes.
After the beating, the woman was taken to a medical center, where various injuries were identified. The authorities of that city began an investigation. While this progresses, it emerged that the teacher is willing to file a formal complaint.

The student’s parents were notified of this process by a juvenile court. It is not yet known what will happen to the student inside that educational center.


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