NIn a message on the social network Telegram, Volodymyr Zelensky left a specification to guarantee the safety of his country’s skies: “Seven more MIM-104 Patriot or similar, is the minimum number we need. They can save many lives and really change the situation. You’ve got this.”

The publication accompanied a video of the intervention of the President of Ukraine today in a video conference meeting with the defense ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and its secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, in which he harshly criticized the difference in treatment in relation to Israel, which last weekend almost completely repelled an Iranian attack with hundreds of ‘drones’ and ballistic missiles thanks to Israeli anti-missile systems and support from NATO countries, especially the United States.

“The difference in the determination to protect some lives at the expense of others is so strange, on one side it is stronger, on the other it is weak, on one side the Shahed-139 [‘drones’ iranianos] are shot down, the next they can fly freely and carry out their path of terror”, criticized Zelensky.

The Ukrainian president added that “people have equal dignity.”

“Israel was not left alone and practically all of the missiles and ‘drones’ [aeronaves não tripuladas] fired was neutralized”, stressed the Ukrainian head of state.

The action of several NATO countries to assist Israel last weekend also “destroyed several myths”, Zelensky argued.

Namely, the “myth that NATO’s actions in defense of a third country involve NATO in war”, adding that “in the Middle East it was not necessary to invoke Article 5”.

“Ukraine is not asking you to send your soldiers”, he stressed, pointing the finger at the lack of assistance, considering it “very limited”.

“And we are still waiting for the support of the United States… The support of the United States has been questioned for too long and this is tempting to [Vladimir] Putin”, Russian President, lamented on the eve of a vote in the North American Congress on a military aid package for Ukraine valued at more than 60 billion dollars (around 57 billion euros).

NATO’s secretary general revealed today that the countries of the political-military bloc have identified anti-aircraft defense systems that could be made available to Ukraine and said he expected “announcements soon”.

Recently, Germany committed to another MIM-104 Patriot and had already sent two to Ukraine. The Czech Republic announced in recent days 500,000 artillery shells, another request that Volodymyr Zelensky has made incessantly.

Since the Russian invasion, on February 24, 2022, the allies have committed to making large-caliber ammunition available, specifically 155 millimeters, but the stored quantities quickly ran out and NATO and European Union countries have not yet been able to purchase and produce sufficient quantities for the use that Ukrainian troops give to the projectiles.

The allies have already sent Leopard 02-A6 combat vehicles and F-16 fighters are also expected to be made available this year.

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