OThe protests, led mainly by youth organizations, including the Fridays for Future movement, created by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, took place in hundreds of cities in several countries, such as Austria, Germany, Sweden, Philippines, India, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo .

In Portugal, an activist was detained at a gathering of young people for the climate next to the Oeiras Court, where activists who had been detained on Thursday in an action to block the holding of the Council of Ministers were being interviewed.

Activists call for the end of fossil fuels by 2030 and 100% renewable and affordable electricity by 2025.

In the Austrian capital, Vienna, thousands marched through the streets holding signs demanding higher taxes on carbon emissions and an end to meat consumption (the meat production and industry is associated with high greenhouse gas emissions).

Members of the student climate awareness group Last Generation sat in front of parliament and called on the Government to abandon oil and gas and pass laws to save the climate.

In Germany, 250 protests were held, including one that brought together thousands of people in the capital, Berlin, who paraded through the city’s streets.

In Jammu, India, protesters pretended to be dead in a protest against deforestation.

Activists gathered in Sweden in front of the parliament, close to the Royal Palace, where King Carlos XVI Gustavo celebrated 50 years of reign, shouting for “climate justice”.

In the city of Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, dozens of people marched to end corporate control of fossil fuels.

The Congo Basin forest absorbs 1.5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide, equivalent to around 4% of global emissions, with some of it being released into the atmosphere if areas are cleared to drill oil wells. and gas.

In New York, United States, there will be a protest on Sunday coinciding with Climate Week in the city.

This year, the planet broke the record for average daily heat several times, with July being the hottest month on record.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2400725/dezenas-de-milhares-de-ativistas-exigem-fim-dos-combustiveis-fosseis

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