“VThey picked him up this morning in his cell at 9am (8am in Lisbon) taken to France”, said Delphine Paci.

“This is a flagrant violation of the rule of law”, criticized the lawyer, adding that “there was clearly an agreement between the Belgian and French States to violate a judicial decision”, she added.

The Paris attacks of November 13, 2015 left 130 people dead.

In September last year, Salah Abdeslam was convicted by Belgian justice of “homicide in a terrorist context” for the March 2016 attacks in Brussels.

These attacks were committed by the same jihadist cell responsible for the attacks in Paris in 2015.

Three men blew themselves up, two at the airport and another in the Brussels metro, injuring hundreds of people and causing 32 deaths.

Since his arrest in March 2016, Salah Abdeslam has spent most of his time in custody in France.

In July 2022, after the end of the trial in Paris for the November 13 attacks, he was “temporarily transferred” to Belgium while the trial for the Brussels attacks took place.

Although he is of French nationality, Salah Abdeslam expressed his desire to serve his sentence in Belgium, where he grew up and where he has family.

In October 2023, the Brussels Court of Appeal, at the request of lawyers, “temporarily suspended” the transfer of Salah Abdeslam to France, where he will serve his sentence for the attacks of November 13, 2015.

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