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Summer is the best time to make hearty salads. Easy and quick to prepare, it’s a classic that usually makes a splash. The advantage? You only need a few ingredients to create a delicious dish. A can of tuna, for example, can be the perfect base for your recipe.

But you’re probably wondering: what should I put in my tuna salad? Don’t panic, we have the answer. Today, we’re sharing our best preparations from 750G, to give you some ideas.

Classic Tuna Rice Salad

This tuna rice salad is a timeless classic. Simple to prepare, it combines the lightness of rice with the intense flavor of tuna, all enhanced by a few vegetables. Perfect for a light meal or as a side dish, this recipe is suitable for the whole family. See the classic tuna rice salad recipe.

Cucumber, tomato and tuna salad

Cucumber, Tomato and Tuna Salad is a refreshing and easy to prepare recipe. Dressed with a light vinaigrette, this salad is ideal for hot summer days. See the recipe for Cucumber, Tomato and Tuna Salad.

Semolina salad with tuna, feta, green onion and arugula

Soft couscous, savory tuna, creamy feta, and peppery arugula combine perfectly in this recipe. It’s the perfect preparation for a light lunch or dinner. See the recipe for couscous salad with tuna, feta, green onion, and arugula.

Tomato salad with tuna

Tomato salad with tuna is a simple and delicious recipe that highlights the ripe tomatoes and the flavor of tuna. A little olive oil, salt and pepper are enough to enhance this combination. It is a quick salad to prepare and always appreciated. See the recipe for tomato salad with tuna.

Potato salad with onion and tuna

This Potato Salad with Onion and Tuna is a comforting classic. Tender potatoes pair perfectly with crunchy onion and tuna, all topped with a flavorful vinaigrette. It’s a filling and satisfying salad that can be served as a main dish. See the Potato Salad with Onion and Tuna recipe.

Pasta salad with peppers, artichokes and tuna

Pasta salad with peppers, artichokes and tuna is a colorful and flavorful recipe. The crunchy peppers, melting artichokes and tuna mix perfectly with the pasta, creating a salad full of flavor. Ideal for a meal on the go or a picnic. See the recipe for pasta salad with peppers, artichokes and tuna.

Spicy lentil, tuna and red onion salad

For a bolder option, try Spicy Lentil, Tuna and Red Onion Salad. Lentils and tuna combine with red onions and a spicy seasoning for a burst of flavor. This is a healthy yet delicious salad, perfect for those who like spicy dishes. See the Spicy Lentil, Tuna and Red Onion Salad recipe.

Pasta salad with tuna and lemon

Al dente pasta pairs perfectly with tuna, while lemon zest and juice add a touch of zest. A few fresh herbs and a drizzle of olive oil round out this delicious and balanced salad. See the recipe for Tuna and Lemon Pasta Salad.

Tuna peaches

Peaches and tuna are an amazing combination that works wonderfully. The sweetness of the ripe peaches contrasts perfectly with the salty flavor of the tuna, creating a unique taste experience. A little mayonnaise, lemon juice, and some fresh herbs complete this refreshing and innovative salad. See the recipe for Peaches and Tuna.

Fresh gourmet salad

The gourmet fresh salad is a mix of crunchy vegetables, tuna and a light and fragrant vinaigrette. With ingredients such as cucumber, radish, cherry tomatoes and avocado, this salad is a real treat for the eyes and the palate. Perfect for a light and balanced starter or main course. See the recipe for Gourmet Fresh Salad.

These tuna salad recipes are ideal for varying your meals with tasty and balanced options. Whether for a quick lunch or a light dinner, they will bring freshness and satisfaction to your table. Try them all to discover your favorites!


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