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With the sunny days slowly beginning to arrive, tomatoes are becoming more and more present in our diet. Whether in salad, pie or even gazpacho… as soon as the temperatures rise a little, we spontaneously turn to this food synonymous with sunshine. You are right to consume it and benefit from its virtues.

Indeed, the doctor Jimmy Mohamed recently became interested in the benefits of the tomato and the verdict is clear: it is a great ally, particularly for the heart and to counter stress. We will explain everything to you.

In his health column on RTLdoctor Jimmy Mohamed explains that “the best pharmacy is at the local market with fruits and vegetables”. He confirms this by highlighting the benefits of tomatoes. In fact, the doctor specifies that “Stress acts as a strain on our heart and raises blood pressure.”

In order to find how to counter this problem, researchers followed nearly 7,000 Spaniards who had a significant risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Their objective ? Take an interest in their tomato consumption. Thus, over the course of their work, specialists have realized that the more consumers eat tomatoes, the more the risk of hypertension decreases. Indeed, it was observed “up to 36% less risk” thanks to the tomato.

The doctor explains that this is due to lycopene, an antioxidant present in tomatoes which gives them their red color. Lycopene acts as a protector against cardiovascular diseases. In addition, tomatoes also contain potassium. The latter helps regulate blood pressure.

As you will have understood, tomatoes have multiple virtues for the heart and health in general.

In reality, no matter how you prepare the tomato, you will benefit from its benefits as Jimmy Mohamed explains: “Real tomatoes in salads, but also gazpacho or even tomato sauce… It’s the consumption of tomatoes in all their forms that works.”

You will be able to enjoy it all year round even out of season thanks to tomato sauce for example. So you know what you have to do.


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