The man who set himself on fire in front of the New York court where Donald Trump is being tried died due to the severity of his injuries, police reported on Saturday, April 20.

Authorities identified the man as Maxwell Azzarellofrom St. Augustine, Florida, born in 1987.

Several Witnesses explained that they saw him throw some pamphlets into the air and then open a container, pour the contents over his body and set himself on fire with a a square near the court.

The man was hospitalized in a critical condition, but succumbed to his injuries, a New York police spokesperson confirmed to AFP on Saturday morning, without giving further details.

The incident occurred shortly after the court had finished selecting the jurors, 12 starters and 6 alternates, who will seal Trump’s fate in this historic trial that sees a former president on the bench for the first time.

Trump, who is seeking to return to the White House in the November elections, is accused of covering up money paid to a former porn actress to buy her silence in the final stretch of the 2016 election campaign, in which he was victorious.

Who was the man who set himself on fire?

Azzarello, a 37-year-old white man from the state of Florida, who arrived in New York a few days ago, without even his family being aware.

The pamphlets that Azzarello left on the ground were titled ‘The True History of the World’ and included a link to their social networks (on LinkedIn and Instagram). The Police pointed out that he was linked to “conspiracy theories.”

An Instagram account with the name of Max Azzarello and with the nickname Dipshit secrets (Idiot Secrets, in Spanish) effectively collects images of those same pamphlets, more photographs of its owner, a man of about 40 years old and with long hair, along with other incoherent messages.

An alleged manifesto signed by Azzarello has also circulated in which he acknowledges being the person who set himself on fire. in “an extreme act of protest to draw attention to an urgent and important discovery.”

We are victims of a totalitarian conspiracyand our Government, together with its allies, is about to hit us with a fascist and totalitarian coup,” reads the ‘manifesto’ posted by independent blogger Talia Jane.

The man was this Friday morning between the two groups of curious people who, every day since the trial began, have demonstrated for or against Trump.

New York Police Chief Detective Joseph Kenny acknowledged that the man had posted about the incident on social media, and that those posts would become part of the investigation, without commenting on whether it had anything to do with the trial. .

A video that has circulated widely on the networks shows the man kneeling, with his hands behind his head, while his body is consumed by flames.

In the images you can see some people who are perplexedly observing the fire, without apparently understanding what is happening, until several police officers come running to put out the flames and take him to a hospital.


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