Fourteen bodies were found in Petion-Ville, in the hills of Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti, in circumstances that have yet to be clarified, such as the identity of the victims.. It is not ruled out that they are members of armed gangs killed by the National Police.

The bodies, including that of a woman, They were found scattered in the middle of the road, in the surroundings of an area dedicated to the informal trade of food and other products.

Some of the residents talk about a shooting, while others claim that they are bandits killed by the Haitian National Police at a time when the two largest prisons in the country were empty after armed attacks by the gangs 15 days ago.

Some areas of Laboule and Thomassin, wealthy neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, They were attacked by armed gangs, who shot at houses and businesses.

The residence of Pierre Volmar Demesyeux, counselor of the Court of Auditors at Laboule 18, was no exception and the official saved his life thanks to the intervention of the security of his home.

The public electricity company Electricite d’Haiti He stressed that he had not been spared the acts of vandalism and terror of the bandits.

“Such acts of theft and sabotage only serve to further aggravate the financial and technical situation of the company,” denounced the institution, which noted that four substations in the capital’s metropolitan area, as well as the Varreux power plant, have been destroyed. and totally dysfunctional.

This situation means that dozens of areas cannot be supplied with electricity as usualstated the company, which calls on the authorities to guarantee the safety of its numerous sites throughout the country.

Likewise, the company reported that the criminals took important documents, electrical installations, cables, inverters, batteries, and computer and office supplies.

In another note, the French embassy in Haiti announced that, as a preventive measure, it will remain closed to the public until Friday the 22nd.

The Government of Haiti extended again last Sunday, until Wednesday, the curfew that governs the department of Oeste, where the capital, Port-au-Prince, is located, also under a state of emergency due to the high levels of violence that are registered.

Since the end of February, Violence has increased even more in Haitiespecially in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince, for the most part under the control of powerful armed gangs that impose terror among the population.

An agreement was reached a week ago for the creation of a transitional presidential council, after whose implementation the Haitian Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, will resign from office, as announced in a message to the nation from Puerto Rico, where he is stranded due to the escalation. of the violence in Haiti and the pressure for him to resign from office.

This transitional council must agree on the appointment of a new prime minister and prepare the way for holding presidential elections.


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