A strange phenomenon occurred in the sky of Ukraine, where A supposed disk-shaped UFO – unidentified flying object – was captured by a drone of the Armed Forces of that country. The event happened at the end of last month, in the middle of the armed conflict with Russia, and was spread on social networks.

In the video you can hear the reaction of the soldiers of the 406th Ukrainian Battalion, who operated the drone equipped with a thermal camera. The military was surprised and confused by the presence of the supposed UFO, which remained motionless and silent in the air.

Some of them wondered why the object wasn’t firing missiles at them or what they were seeing. “What is that? Why isn’t it moving?” uniformed men expressed.

The alleged UFO was disc-shaped and had a higher temperature than its surroundings, according to the range detected by the drone. Its size, altitude and exact shape could not be determined, but it is estimated that it could be about 50 kilometers from the earth.

The appearance of the alleged UFO does not match any type of known aircraft. Some have suggested it could be a weather balloon, satellite, drone or even an alien spacecraft. However, none of these hypotheses have been confirmed.

“Even UFOs want to help Ukraine”, “we see these things a lot in combat zones. I’m not sure if it’s a black project or visitors”, “extraterrestrial help to Ukraine?”, “Interesting. I wish it were the aliens who helped Ukraine”, “I don’t think that’s a UFO, it doesn’t look like it” and “wow, that’s a flying saucer in bad condition”, were some opinions on social networks.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/actualidad/captan-supuesto-ovni-en-pleno-campo-de-batalla-en-ucrania-asi-reaccionaron-soldados-rg10

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