The representative’s communications team José Jaime Uscátegui Chamber revealed that He has no knowledge of the whereabouts of the parliamentarian who traveled to Venezuela with the objective of making an observation of the ELN dialogues with the national government.

Although it had a diplomatic mission, the authorities of the Nicolás Maduro regime They did not allow him entry and now his whereabouts are unknown, since he is incommunicado, as reported by the congressman’s press team.

“Since this Friday afternoon, the fate of the representative to the Chamber for the Democratic Center José Jaime Uscátegui, who arrived in Caracas after noon with the purpose of carrying out a political observation of the peace process with the ELN, is unknown. which has been denied several times by the government of President Gustavo Petro“, stated his press team in a statement released on the congressman’s social networks.

According to that document, “Uscátegui arrived in Caracas and the last news that was known about him was a video that he made with his team from the airport in which he is seen with the Venezuelan authorities at the moment in which they prevented the neighbor from entering. country. One of the officers even asked him to turn off the phone he was using to make the video.”.

Although Uscátegui says that he sent a communication about his entry to the neighboring country, he was not allowed entry: “The representative traveled to that territory with the endorsement of the House of Representatives and after receiving a communication from the Colombian Foreign Ministry in which he certified that “The Colombian ambassador to Venezuela, Milton Rengifo Hernández, is aware of his trip.”

Please find out why I am with immigration and they say I cannot enter. They say we are not accepted, but a communication was sent more than a week in advance“, José Jaime Uscátegui is heard saying in the video.

So far, the Colombian Government has not been present despite the fact that Ambassador Rengifo is aware of the trip of Congressman Uscátegui“, concludes the communication.


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