Thieves no longer have limits when it comes to committing their misdeeds. In the city of Rosario, Argentina, the moment in which A criminal in a wheelchair took a water meter and left as if nothing had happened.

Despite having some type of disability, this guy went out into the street to see what damage he could cause. When he saw the water meter, he did not hesitate and performed a complicated maneuver with his wheelchair to reach it.
In a video, which is already viral on social networks, you can see the moment in which, with quite some effort, he gets on the platform, approaches the water meter and steals it. Later he leaves the scene.

The owner of the house spoke with the Argentine media Todo Noticias (TN) and expressed the serious damage that the thief caused. In addition, she said that this is a person who receives a disability pension.

“It’s terrible, this guy spends begging here all the time. I feel very indignant because he lives in the Las Delicias neighborhood and receives a disability pension. It is incomprehensible that in a wheelchair he could do such a thing, what we are experiencing is tremendous. We can’t live like this”, stressed the indignant woman.


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