AGreek authorities arrested 13 people this Saturday after fireworks launched from a yacht caused a forest fire on an island near Athens. The launch of the fireworks took place on Friday, as Greece faces a wave of fires that have already killed at least one person.

According to the publication The Guardian, the mayor of Hydra has already expressed his “indignation” for the situation that caused the fire on the island. The mayor also guaranteed that all those responsible will be legally punished.

The team of firefighters who fought the flames in Hydra highlighted that the fire had spread “the only pine forest on the island in a place that is difficult to access and has no road”.

The thirteen people involved in the case were arrested following an investigation by the Fire Department and will appear in court on Sunday. No information about the suspects was released.

Remember that on Friday alone, forty-five forest fires broke out in Greece. This was the third consecutive day of strong winds that led to the preventive evacuation of some villages, especially in the Peloponnese, in the south of the country.

Since Wednesday, authorities have warned of a “very high risk” of forest fires, due to strong winds and high temperatures, which reached 40 degrees Celsius in some regions.

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