The scandal continues in Argentina on behalf of the police who recorded an intimate video with an inmate. The authorities of that country removed the uniformed woman from her position while they continue the investigations. They investigate what the link is between the two.

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Through a statement, the Argentine Police referred to this situation, which occurred when they found the material on a cell phone that was confiscated during a fight between inmates.

β€œIn the context of the search of a prison, After the seizure of a telephone device, police officers alerted about a possible relationship between one of those housed and a police employee. The superiors were notified immediately and the corresponding actions were initiated,” says the institution.

They investigate police colleagues who recorded intimate video with an inmate

The prosecutor who was assigned to this case also investigates the responsibility of other uniformed officers, among them, the police guard’s colleague who was removed from her duties.

“At this time the investigation is underway in order to determine what type of relationship there would be between the inmate and the investigated officials and, if there are criminal responsibilities, the degree of participation of each one in the events. In parallel, administrative actions are already underway that, if applicable, will determine sanctions for police officers,” the communication concludes.

Testimonies collected affirm that the prisoner and the police maintain a long relationship. However, this version has not been confirmed by the authorities of that country.

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