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Beer is an age-old beverage, loved around the world for its variety of flavors, styles and aromas. But there is no shortage of innovations in this area. As proof, an American company has imagined a completely new kind of beer. His particuliarity ? Its recipe is composed of a particular water…

Imagine if you were offered to taste a beer made from recycled waste water? This is precisely the Epic Cleantec project, a water treatment company based in San Francisco, with its innovative creation: the Epic OneWater Brew. This one-of-a-kind drink is the result of a collaboration between Epic Cleantec and a local brewery. The goal of its leader, Aaron Tartakovsky? Fight against the waste of this precious liquid.“Globally, buildings around the world use only 14% of all drinking water. Almost no buildings reuse this water, which is what we are working on to change things”he explains to the CNN. To brew this beverage, the company recovers water from “showers, sinks and washing machines in a building of 550 apartments”. This then recycles 95% of this wastewater by filtering it using microscopic membranes.

And according to Aaron Tartakovsky, the flavors of this very eco-friendly beer resemble kölsch, a German specialty produced near Cologne. For the moment, the Epic OneWater Brew is only in the experimental stage with more than 7,000 cans already produced. The project, which began at the end of 2022, could be commercialized very soon.


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