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What’s better than onion to add flavor to a dish? Yes, but after a few seconds of cutting, your eyes start to sting. How to avoid this inconvenience? American chef Joshua Weissman finally reveals to us, on TikTok, a technique that (really) works! You will soon no longer have any excuse to exclude onions from your next preparations!

@flakeysalt So now you can flex your oignon skills. #fyp#cooking#chef original sound – Joshua weissman

When you cut an onion, or also cut its cells. However, at this precise moment, a chemical reaction between two components of the onion, sulfoxide and alliinase. It is the mixture of these which causes the famous irritating gas responsible for our tears. Once in contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes, it will irritate it and intensely sting the eyes. According to several professionals, this gas has the same effect as tear gas, and worse, the more you cry, the more it stings. A real vicious circle!

It is in a TikTok video that chef Joshua Weissman details his technique. According to him, you must start by cutting both ends of the onion, before removing the skin. Then, cut it in half, remove each layer, and chop each one, lengthwise. Finally, do the same widthwise to obtain small squares of onions that are well cut, and without crying! A method that is as simple as it is effective and should make your life easier! If, on social networks, some say they have mixed feelings about this technique, others assure that it has changed their lives. There’s nothing like forming your own opinion. Ready to try?

For years, there have been many techniques to avoid crying while cutting onions. While some recommend placing the onion in the refrigerator for 10 minutes before cutting it, others recommend oiling the blade of the knife or carrying out the cutting under water. If some of these techniques seem fanciful, the good old method of using a diving mask or swimming goggles has largely proven itself!


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