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Every day, at every meal, spoons, knives and forks are handled. After washing, they’re back in the cutlery drawer… which actually happens to be the dirtiest place in your kitchen, as claimed the Doctissimo website ! Indeed, even after a trip to the dishwasher, the cutlery is not always impeccable.

Your hands themselves are not necessarily clean every time you open this drawer, which is very often filled with crumbs or dust. In short, in just a few days, this corner can easily become a place teeming with bacteria, sometimes more than on other surfaces in the kitchen, including cutting boards or sponges.

If it is not cleaned regularly, a cutlery drawer can become a breeding ground for bacteria. To effectively clean this often neglected area, you can adopt a simple method: completely empty the drawer and its compartments, then vacuum to remove all residue and dust.

Then clean each compartment with a suitable spray or a mixture of white vinegar, hot water and baking soda. Once the compartments are dry, place the clean cutlery back in them. This cleaning routine should be repeated approximately twice a month to maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen. And who knows, by cleaning out that drawer, maybe you can find some missing cutlery!


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