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I am protected by a tough skin and valued for my creamy, slightly tangy flesh. Even though I’m originally from Mexico, people love me today in all four corners of the planet. I am… the lawyer of course! Even if you think you already know everything about me, find out why I give the banana so much shade.

Necessary for the proper functioning of cells, nerves and muscles, potassium has many virtues. It helps in particular to maintain the acid-base balance of our blood and therefore helps fight fatigue, osteoporosis and high blood pressure. Other lesser-known virtues of potassium: it facilitates muscle contractions, prevents cramps and allows you to recover better after exercise. This is why many athletes eat a banana before or after training.

Although the list is still long, we can still cite a few more examples of benefits attributed to potassium. Among them: the proper functioning of the kidneys, maintaining the body’s hydration and facilitating digestion.

Many of you probably think that the great champion in this area is the banana… and imagine that there is another fruit even more concentrated in potassium and just as delicious. We have appointed the lawyer! According to the Spanish magazine TodoGotoso : “offers three times more potassium than a regular banana”. The advantage, compared to the latter, is that it also contains three times more fiber, which helps to stave off the feeling of hunger, promotes intestinal transit and regulates blood sugar levels.

As you will have understood, avocado is a pleasure food that is as good for your taste buds as it is for your health. Now that you know all this, you still need to see how to integrate it into your diet.


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