A young woman who was declared dead was “resurrected” in the morgue of a medical center. The case took place at the San Juan de Dios Hospital, in Guatemala City.

The story began when the woman was initially declared dead because medical monitoring did not detect respiratory or brain activity. The young woman was taken to the morgue and remained there for five hours.

However, Involuntary movements in her body were detected again, which caused the woman to be returned to the emergency room. Doctors attempted to restore the victim’s health through mechanical ventilation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but were unsuccessful and the woman was again pronounced dead. This time she had indeed died.

Videos circulate on social networks showing the moment in which doctors transfer the young woman on a stretcher to the emergency room to proceed with resuscitation.
Regarding the case, the San Juan de Dios Hospital spoke: “Given the dissemination of a video in which a young woman is transferred from the morgue to the emergency room of the San Juan de Dios General Hospital, the authorities report that it is a young woman who He was admitted in very poor condition, with a high degree of malnutrition as a result of a history of seizures and cerebral palsy. She was treated by emergency doctors with mechanical ventilation.”

However, “the monitors stopped detecting respiratory and brain activity. After half an hour of medical work, the professionals determined the death. In the morgue, the pathologist detected involuntary movements in the young woman’s body, so they acted according to the medical protocol,” said the healthcare center.

“In the emergency he again received resuscitation care and mechanical ventilation, but the monitors once again stopped detecting vital signs, so the doctors performed resuscitation work, but without positive results,” the hospital concluded.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/mujer-que-fue-declarada-muerta-resucito-en-la-morgue-de-un-hospital-rg10

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