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In the world of cooking, cutting ingredients is a crucial step in ensuring the success of a dish. Among the most used foods in the kitchen in summer, tomatoes occupy a prominent place. However, a common mistake that cooks, amateur or experienced, make when preparing tomatoes is to use the wrong knife…

Too often, experienced or novice cooks are not going to choose the right knife for slicing tomatoes. By reflex, it is easy to opt for a chef’s or paring knife thinking that it is the most suitable choice… With the wrong knife, the tomato can quickly turn into a disaster. Wide blades risk crushing delicate tomato flesh, causing loss of juice and an unsightly appearance. Dull knives require excessive pressure, which can also lead to crushing of the flesh.

For perfect cutting of tomatoes, it is recommended to use a well-sharpened knife with fine teeth. Fine-toothed knives, sometimes called tomato knives, are specially designed to ensure clean and precise cutting of tomatoes. But an ordinary knife with serrations does just as well.

Besides cutting, storing tomatoes is also crucial to preserve their flavor. To ensure they retain their delicious taste, it is important to store them properly. Tomatoes should be kept at room temperature until fully ripe. Once ripe, they can be placed in the refrigerator to slow down their ripening. However, it is crucial to take them out of the refrigerator at least an hour before eating them, as the cold can alter their flavor and texture.


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