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It’s tempting to head to the fresh produce section of the supermarket and choose a ready-tossed salad for a quick and seemingly healthy lunch. However, nutritionist Raphaël Gruman warns us against this common practice. Prepared salads, although they seem like a balanced option compared to sandwiches, can be deceptive.

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If we look more closely at the composition, we can see that they mainly contain pasta. “On the other hand, there are very few vegetables, so the fiber intake is almost zero, proteins are often also in very small quantities,” notes the nutritionist. Pasta contains a significant amount of fast carbohydrates. If they are consumed in large quantities, this can cause various problems. First, these carbohydrates cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, leading to fluctuations in energy and satiety. This rise and fall in blood sugar levels can leave you hungry in a short time, which is far from ideal for a balanced meal.

Raphaël Gruman also notes that often this type of salad is already seasoned, so it is already very fatty. However, it is always accompanied by an additional sauce, a vinaigrette very rich in oil, with little vinegar and no mustard. There can also be sides like breadsticks or a cake which add extra quick sugars. In the end, we end up with a 600 calorie meal. It is therefore more interesting to prepare your own salad at home using fresh vegetables and wholemeal pasta to eat a complete and satisfying meal for your lunch break.


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