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That he who has never given up his attempt to collect the last drops of ketchup glued to the bottom of the bottle throws us the first stone! Indeed, despite our lively tapping of the bottle, it is almost impossible to enjoy the rest of the sauce, well installed at the bottom of the bottle. But that time is over: we finally have thea solution to get it back!

No more intense shaking of the bottle! We now know a super simple method to lower the sauce effortlessly (or almost). Here is the manual!

To solve this problem of modern times, we can count on the social networks, and in particular on the TikTok application. In video published on social networks, the Ticket House Casey Rieger shares his unusual but very practical solution for bringing the ketchup down to the level of the cap. Yes, to recover the bottom of his bottle of sauce, we are ready for anything!

The technique is actually very simple: holding the bottle by the cork, all you have to do is make big turns with your arm in a very energetic way for a few seconds. This arm movement – resembling the blades of a windmill or a helicopter propeller – would be the secret to recovering the bottom of the bottle. But here, nothing very magical: the laws of gravity simply apply! To practice this method, only one advice: make room around you because the risk of hitting your neighbor at the table during the maneuver is high!

@caseyrieger or could always just buy a new bottle but #ketchup#heinz#lifehack original sound – Casey Rieger

This video shows us how important it is to listen to your science lessons but also to play sports! Practical, this technique also works for all the other preparations sold in bottles but also the hot sauce ! And if you prefer to make your own ketchup at home, we have the perfect recipe for you.


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