Pies are always a good choice.
Always get it right when preparing your pies.
To make the preparation of your pies easier and more special, check out effective tips that will help you a lot when preparing this spice.
Enjoy and get to work!

healthier pie

Whenever possible, replace all-purpose flour with the whole-wheat version. You will be offering the family an option with much more fiber.


To avoid puffing: After placing the dough in the mold, pierce it along its entire length with the help of a fork so as not to form air bubbles or puff.

Another alternative is to cover the entire dough with parchment paper. On top, place raw bean grains. Then bake the dough until golden. With this procedure, the pie will not stew.

not to stick

To prevent pasta from sticking together, line the mold with parchment paper.

Dry ingredients

Sift them before measuring them. A pinch of yeast makes the pie softer.

Two Ingredients Temperature

Always use ingredients at room temperature. For shortcrust pastry pies only, place the flour, water and shortening in the fridge for 1 hour before making the dough.

Fruit Browning

With visible filling, drain the fruit cut into pieces and pass lemon juice over it. Use this procedure mainly in the case of pears, apples, bananas, which can darken in contact with air.

for baking

Unite the shape well; take your time. Grease with butter or margarine. The oil burns and causes air bubbles in the dough. Use a refractory glass mold, as they prevent the heat from reflecting, absorbing it better and baking the bottom and top of the pie evenly.

Golden Appearance

Brush the dough with the yolk mixture with a drizzle of olive oil. It’s an easy mix to spread and still leaves the pie with a beautiful tone; very golden.

to unmold

Wait for the cake/pie to get warm. Do not take it out of the mold while it is still very hot and do not let it cool completely.

How to cut Cream Pies

In order not to break it when cutting, dip the knife in a container of hot water. Clean the knife and wet it after each cut.

Mother’s Tips

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