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You want to experiment with new culinary techniques. But do you really know the basics of French gastronomy? In a new column broadcast on the airwaves of RTLCyril Lignac reveals his favorite omelette recipe. Decorated with vegetables, the latter wanted to concoct this easy and quick recipe “a bit like in Japan”that is to say served with white rice as an accompaniment. But beyond the steps, the chef also suggests making this dish by taking into account a tip of which he alone has the secret. “To have a super soft omelette, you beat the eggs well in the omelette. But the more you beat them, the frothier they will become. The more frothy it will be, the more airy you will have an omelette,” he explains. So, convinced? Here is the detailed procedure to follow so that you too can reproduce this omelette like Cyril Lignac.


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