PTo substantiate the claim, Trump argued that the judge presiding over the trial, which is taking place in New York, and his assistant have political prejudices.

The multimillionaire’s lawyers filed the request at the Supreme Court in Manhattan, where the trial is taking place, which began on October 2 and is scheduled to end in mid-December.

“The evidence of apparent and real bias is tangible”, stated in the document presented by the lawyers, published on the judicial system’s platform.

“Such evidence, together with an unprecedented deviation from standard judicial procedure, contaminated the proceedings and justified a mistrial,” it added.

The lawyers argued that Judge Arthur F. Engoron carried out “extrajudicial activities” that they considered “inappropriate,” such as including articles about the case in a newsletter for former students at his high school.

They also pointed out the political donations of the assistant, Allison Greenfield, who has already been criticized, in personal terms, by Trump.

This criticism even led the judge to order Trump not to make public comments about court personnel.

Trump, who has also frequently criticized Engoron, has already been fined 15 thousand dollars, after the judge found that he violated that order twice.

The decision on Trump’s lawyers’ claim will be made by Engoron, and he is expected to refuse it.

The trial stems from the accusation made by the state Attorney General’s Office and involves alleged illegalities in the Trump Organization and compensation for damages of around 250 million dollars.

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