O The comment was made on Wednesday, on the television program ‘The View’, broadcast on ABC, in response to Joy Behar, one of the program’s animators.

He cited reports indicating that other Democratic leaders, including former President Barack Obama, are concerned about President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

Asked if she was worried about the possibility of another Trump presidency, Kamala Harris responded: “I’m very scared. It’s the reason I’m traveling around our country. As you know, there’s a saying that says There are only two ways to run for office – either without an opponent or scared. So yes, we should all be scared.”

Harris said that fear should serve as motivation for the upcoming campaign.

“When we are scared about our children’s future, can we stay in bed under the blankets?”he asked, only to respond immediately: “No, we can’t.”

And he insisted: “We have to win reelection. It’s not a question. We have to go on the road.”

The vice president plans to participate in several events on abortion in the state of Wisconsin, which is one of those considered key to the final outcome.

A former Trump advisor, Alyssa Griffin, who has become a critic of Trump, questioned Harris about why Biden is having difficulty in some polls.

“Which means that the party [democrata] Are you competing with an incapable man, who will probably end up going to prison?”asked Griffin, who is also one of the television show’s animators.

Harris suggested that voters have not been paying attention to politics, but that “they are now paying more attention to the meaning of this election.”

By the way, he referred to a choice between “competence versus chaos”, as well as a battle for the future of democracy in the USA.

“I believe that the American people will vote in favor of what is best for the future of their country and, in particular, their children,” he added.

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