The ex-president Donald Trump did not have an easy task attracting the support of those attending the National Conference of the Libertarian Partywho booed at times and they did not let the Republican shine in his speech.

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The predictable Republican candidate faced an audience to which he is not accustomed and which received him with cries of rejection in his speech at the Washington Hilton, in the US capital.

For Trump, Libertarian votes can make the difference in key statesdespite the fact that they do not represent a considerable percentage of the vote at the national level.

The tense situation escalated when the former president said that the Libertarian Party should nominate him as a candidate for president, which again caused cries of rejection and minimal applause.

What did Trump say?

Given the low acceptance of the proposal, the Republican challenged the public: “If you want to lose, don’t do it (don’t vote for me). Keep receiving 3% every four years”, referring to the average percentage that that party’s presidential candidates receive.

The Libertarian Party’s 2016 candidate, Gary Johnson, got 3% of the national vote, and in 2020 Jo Jorgensen got just over 1%. However, those few votes could make a difference for Trump in key states and give him the winning ticket.

Therefore, Trump continued with his 30-minute speech where he thanked those in attendance for being important “defenders of freedom.”

From the beginning of the speech, Trump called himself a libertarian and assured that he would be a “True friend“of this party if it reaches the White House.”

He also pledged to put libertarians in his cabinet and in high-level positions if the party supported him.

The public response remained a mix of boos and applause until Trump promised to commute the sentences of people like Ross Ulbricht, sentenced to life in prison for operating an illegal web marketplace called Silk Road, the moment of greatest support for his speech.

The Republican said that he also would free participants in the Jan. 6 Capitol assault if elected.

Dardos a Biden

Trump also attacked the president of the United States, Joe Biden, whom he called the worst US president and criticized him for not being present at that convention.

In addition, he attacked the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI and promised that he would fire agency officials if he is re-elected.

This week, Trump opened a new battlefield against federal authorities by claiming that the DOJ authorized “lethal force” against him in the raid on his mansion in Mar-a-Lago (Florida), for which the Prosecutor’s Office has asked the court for a gag order against him.

Trump spoke about the issue this Saturday and stated that he has received unfair gag orders, an issue with which he tried to reach out to libertarians, who prioritize small governments and individual freedoms.

Libertarians will elect their candidate for the White House on Sunday. In addition to Trump, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave his own speech at the Libertarian convention on Friday seeking the party’s support.

President Joe Biden’s campaign did not let the moment pass. His spokeswoman, Kevin Muñoz, said in a statement that “Trump says his Republican Party is the party of freedom, but tell that to the women who have had the freedom taken away from them to make their own decisions about health care and their pregnancies.” ”.

“Freedom is not free in Trump’s Republican Party and this weekend will be just another reminder of that.”“added the Democratic spokesperson.

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