O Republican Donald Trump once again accused the President of the United States, Joe Biden, of wanting to kill him and of trying to do so through the Department of Justice, by having authorized the use of “lethal force” during an FBI search of his mansion in Florida , in 2022. The first accusation had already been criticized by the US Attorney General, Merrick Garland, who described it as “false and extremely dangerous”.

“This is a warning from Donald Trump. Deadly force? Biden authorized it. They brought weapons to the Mar-a-Lago attack”read an email sent by the campaign of Trump, candidate for the presidential elections, to his supporters.

“I’m fed up with the radical left that is destroying this country and trying to destroy me”added the note, which, according to the British newspaper The Guardian, listed the various searches, accusations and arrests that Trump says he was subject to for political purposes, before asking for donations of up to 500 dollars (around 460 euros).

It should be noted that the first accusation was made last week, also in a fundraising email addressed to his supporters. According to the former US president, the language used in the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago, where Trump hid confidential documents, implied that Biden wanted armed agents to take him down.

Former President of the United States Donald Trump accused the Department of Justice of being ready to put him and his family “in danger”, saying that the warrant that was issued for the searches in Mar-a-Lago is at stake. , in Florida, in 2022.

News at the Minute | 22:45 – 05/22/2024

On his social network, Truth Social, he also noted that “Joe Biden’s Justice Department authorized the FBI to use deadly force” against you. His campaign fueled this idea, adding in another email that “authorizing the use of ‘lethal force’ against a former president of the United States (and the ruling party’s main political rival) involves the use of the law as a weapon, for part of the Biden administration, to a whole new level.”

The FBI itself responded to these accusations, ensuring that “standard protocol” was followed in that search, as is done in all similar operations, as well as that “no one ordered additional measures to be taken and there was no deviation from the norm”.

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