In a zoo in northern France one month of life is celebrated for two Sumatran tiger cubs, an endangered species.

The two little tigers have stolen the attention of hundreds of visitors and also thousands on social networks. Those two puppies seem inseparable, they don’t even leave each other to play, much less take a short nap.

“When we found out that our female was pregnant and we saw that reproduction was working, we were obviously very happy because they are a blessing for the conservation of this species,” said Pierre-Louis Fiszman, veterinarian at the Amiens Zoo.

And the birth of these puppies makes hope grow around a species considered critically endangered.

This was confirmed by Pierre-Louis Fiszman; “Today there are less than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, It is truly a species that is disappearing from nature. In zoos, at least in Europe, there are about 125 individuals.”

Sumatran tigers are native to the island of that name in Indonesia. There are fewer and fewer as a result of deforestation and illegal housing, since these animals are revered for their skin and considered a threat to livestock.

For now, Rinba and Toba, as the two little tigers were called, They grow healthy, being the sensation of the Amiens Zoo. And there are good signs, well each one weighs about four and a half kilos, twice what a baby weighs at the same age.


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