ESpain announced, this Tuesday, that it will withdraw the ambassador in Buenos AiresMaría Jesús Alonso, after the controversial statements made by the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, at a far-right convention – where he called the wife of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez a “corrupt woman”.

After announcing that “there will be no Spanish ambassador in Buenos Aires”, after a meeting of the Council of Ministers, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, explained that the “embassy’s activity will continue at the level of the charge d’affaires”.

“When the diplomatic crisis ends, Spain will have to appoint a new ambassador”, said the official, adding that “Spanish institutions do not make foreign policy with tweets or participate in any spectacle”.

Announcement made this Tuesday by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares.

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The response came from Argentina through the voice of the president himself, Javier Milei, who, in statements to the newspaper La Nación, stated that he would keep the Spanish ambassador in the country and that the position taken by Pedro Sánchez’s government shows that “socialists are capable of doing anything”. And he added: “It’s typical nonsense from an arrogant socialist”.

Regarding the ‘non-withdrawal’ of the Spanish ambassador from his country, Milei stressed: “If Sánchez is making a serious mistake, I’m not going to be such an idiot and repeat it. Let’s keep everything as before, they’re the ones who aren’t up to par with international politics”.

In the same interview, the president of Argentina also highlighted that he did not say the name of Begoña, wife of the Spanish prime minister, during Sunday’s (controversial) intervention at the convention. “He felt like it was for them, it was his problem [Sánchez], was a sentence that contained no names. From there comes a senseless diplomatic escalation.”

It all started when, on Sunday, Milei referred to “cursed and cancerous socialism”, before adding: “What a bunch of people screwed to power. Even when there is a corrupt wife, she gets dirty and takes five days to think about it”.

It should be remembered that socialist Pedro Sánchez said, at the end of April, that he was considering resigning, citing attacks on his family, especially his wife, based on disinformation campaigns. After five days of reflection, he decided to remain in office.

This weekend’s trip was the first that Javier Milei made to Spain after taking office, but he did not meet with the country’s authorities. The Argentine government explained, last week, that Milei intends to return to Spain in June and will request official hearings there.


Statements by Javier Milei at a far-right convention in Spain have caused a lot of ink. The (controversial) mention of Pedro Sánchez’s wife led to reactions from the Prime Minister himself and the Spanish government, as well as parties and even Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy. But what is at stake? What was said? Record.

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