“To ensure the security of Polish airspace, two pairs of F-16 fighters and an allied aerial refueling plane were activated,” the operational command of the Polish army said in a statement.

The Russian army carried out massive airstrikes in Ukraine this morning, killing at least four civilians and injuring more than 90 people, mainly in the Kiev and Kharkiv regions (east).

On Friday, Poland, a member of NATO, reported a “violation” of its airspace “by a Russian cruise missile” that flew over its territory for three minutes before heading towards Ukraine.

The Polish air defense system was placed on alert and Polish civil and military authorities held emergency meetings, particularly with NATO representatives.

In November 2022, a Ukrainian missile fell on the Polish village of Przewodow, near the border with Ukraine, killing two civilians.

The explosion, at the site of a grain drying facility near a school and about six kilometers from the border with Ukraine, occurred as Russia carried out attacks on civilian infrastructure across Ukraine.

The crash of this missile raised fears that NATO would be drawn into the conflict in a major escalation of the war in Ukraine, as Poland is protected by the Atlantic Alliance’s collective defense pact.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2471723/ucrania-varsovia-envia-cacas-f-16-para-proteger-a-sua-fronteira

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