“EThis is an issue related to the people who have to run Ukraine. A fresh start is certainly needed, a new beginning and when we talk about this, I mean that it is a replacement of a series of State leaders, not just a sector like the military”he told Italian television RAI, when asked about the future of Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

“I am reflecting on this replacement, it is true, but it cannot be said that we will replace a single person and then be able to continue (…). It is an issue that concerns the entire leading group in the country, which is large and complex”he stated.

Zelensky said that if Ukraine wants to win the war against Russia, which began almost two years ago after the invasion of Ukrainian territory, “everyone must go in the same direction, convinced of victory” and without becoming discouraged.

“When I talk about a new beginning, about change, I have something serious in mind that doesn’t just affect a single person, but the country’s leadership”he assured.

The Ukrainian President also said that he does not consider his counteroffensive a failure.

The Ukrainian leader said that in the naval part “positive results occurred”, causing Russia to lose dominance in the Black Sea and destroying “many” of its ships and creating a corridor for cereals.

However, Zelensky admitted that on the ground “there is stagnation”.

“On land there is a stalemate, it’s a fact, because something was missing, there were delays in equipment and delays mean mistakes. We fight against terrorists who have one of the largest armies in the world, modern technical means are needed”, highlighted the Ukrainian President.

Almost two years after the Russian invasion, 36% of Ukrainian territory remains under occupation, but Zelensky stated that “the Russian army is not advancing significantly.”

“We stopped them,” he said, explaining that after these months of fighting, Ukraine “is a different country, closer to Europe, with a stronger army and equipped with Western means.”

For this reason, he called for continued aid to Kiev and thanked the European Union for approving the new aid package worth 50 billion euros, approved after Hungary lifted its veto.

“It is important help and I would like to thank everyone. Without this help, defense is impossible. Without this money we could lose what we have and Russia will not stop, we have to understand all this”, he warned.

Zelensky hopes to maintain the support of the United States, even if former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party return to the White House this year.

“We live in a reality where something changes every day. We want to believe that if there are changes in the United States, the line [da sua política externa] will be the same. In the Republican Party there are radical voices, but there are also many people who support Ukraine,” he said.

“If they try to reduce support for Ukraine, there will be another geopolitical system. [O Presidente russo, Vladimir] Putin will break our defense, advance and will not stop easily”, warned Zelensky again.

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