En 2008, the world was scandalized by the story of Elisabeth Fritzl, a woman who spent 24 years trapped at home, where she was subjected to successive abuse by her father, by whom she became pregnant at least seven times.

Currently, almost 16 years after her story was discovered, Elisabeth is 56 years old and it is known that she lives under a new entity, in the same place where she was born and raised, in Austria.

At the same time that the woman’s father was released and is expected to be integrated into a home, possibly this month, the Daily Mail reveals details about the victim’s new life.

Elisabeth and her children have new identities, with the woman having married the security guard who was responsible for protecting her after the case became known. Elisabeth and John, who is several years younger, got married in 2019 and sources reveal that it was this relationship that gave him the strength he needed to return to living a normal life.

The Daily Mail reveals that the woman lives in a two-story house, 30 minutes from Amstetten, with the exterior of the house equipped with video surveillance cameras, which record everyone who tries to visit her.

Despite trying to maintain a life away from the apparatus, it is known that the woman occasionally dines out and is even involved in recreational activities in the region. “Everyone knows his past, but no one talks about it”, reveals a neighbor.

The case

Josef Fritzl kept his daughter Elisabeth in a soundproof underground dungeon for 24 years. He raped her more than 3,000 times and these rapes resulted in seven children, between 1984 and 2008, in Austria.

Fritzl’s crimes were only discovered when one of the children resulting from the rape and incest, Kerstin, fell into a coma, having to take her to the hospital. During that trip to the hospital, doctors noticed the girl’s malnourished condition and rotten teeth and issued an alert.

When Fritzl allowed Elisabeth to leave the dungeon to visit Kerstin in the hospital, she was arrested, at which point she told the police everything that had happened to her, leading to her father’s arrest.

The man is serving a life sentence but could be eligible to request early release in 2024 if a psychiatric expert determines, through psychological testing, that Fritzl no longer poses a danger. That is precisely what happened recently, with the man being transferred to a normal prison. His lawyers hope that Fritzl will be admitted to a home in the coming months, where he will live for the rest of his life.

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