“EI am horrified by the deadly attack on the Crocus City Hall concert hall. Nothing justifies such an attack”, said the person responsible in a statement published on the social network X, cited by the Efe agency.

Volker Türk said that the perpetrators of the attack must be held accountable in accordance with human rights standards, and expressed his and the body’s solidarity with the victims.

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), successor to the former KGB, reported that eleven people have already been arrested in connection with the attack.

Among those detained are four terrorists who personally participated in the attack, according to FSB director Alexandr Bortnikov.

The attack, which Russian media began reporting at around 8:15 pm in Moscow (5:15 pm in Lisbon), was carried out by several armed individuals at the Crocus City Hall, a concert hall located in Krasnogorsk, on the outskirts of the Russian capital, AFP reported.

The attack against civilians was claimed by the Islamic State (IS) on Friday night.

“The attack was carried out by four IS fighters armed with machine guns, a pistol, knives and incendiary bombs,” the group said in one of its Telegram accounts, adding that the attack took place in the context of the “violent war” between the group and “the countries that fight against Islam”.

The terrorist group released today, through the Amaq agency (the organization’s main propaganda channel), an image of the four alleged perpetrators of the attack, with half their faces covered and wearing a cap in front of an IS flag.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, today condemned what he called a “barbaric and bloody” terrorist act, called for revenge and, although he did not speculate on the intellectual authors of the attack, suggested that the four detainees were trying to cross the border into Ukraine , who, according to the Russian leader, tried to create a “window” to help them escape.

Ukrainian authorities have denied any involvement in the attack and a US intelligence source told the Associated Press that US agencies confirmed the group was responsible for the attack.

The attack, which was the deadliest in Russia in years, came just days after Putin cemented his power in an election victory that drew criticism from several Western countries and as the war in Ukraine drags on into its third year.

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