Last Wednesday, March 20 A crime occurred at the Verdini hair salon in Recoleta, Argentina. Five people were at the scene when one of them He pointed a gun at a co-worker and shot him in the head..

The video went viral on social networks and was classified as a “brutal crime”. Although the content does not have sound, apparently the men were in the middle of an argument. It should be noted that they were no longer working, since the hair salon had closed its doors.

It is said that Guzmán and Medina were already in a bad relationship.

Germán Medina was murdered by a co-worker.

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Abel Guzmán, who committed the crime, was standing. He pulled out a firearm from the front of his pants. One of the people was a woman and she got up to move a little away from where she was. Two other workers, including the owner of the place, Facundo Verdini, tried to calm the aggressor; However, the attacker aimed at Germán Medina, who was still sitting at that time, and shot him in the head.

The medical report of the injured man was instant brain death, but his death occurred in hospital facilities.

The Argentine police announced that the victim told his boss that Guzmán used formaldehyde on his clients (the chemical is prohibited because it has very high levels of toxicity and flammability).

Therefore, according to the testimonies collected by prosecutor Patricio Lugones. The hypothesis is that the events occurred “due to a problem with formaldehyde”.

Abel Guzmán, 43, tried to leave the hair salon after pulling the trigger, but the door did not open; Seconds later, it was seen in the same video how Facundo Verdini helped him get out of the window by raising the blinds. He is currently still a fugitive from justice.

Guzmán is also being sought in Santiago del Estero, in Argentina, since he was born there and is building a house in that city.


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