O The British Government’s plan to allow asylum seekers to be deported to Rwanda had been signed on Thursday by King Charles III, which will allow the organization of repatriation flights, although pending possible legal appeals.

This process generated a long and turbulent parliamentary debate in which the ‘conservatives’ asserted their majority in the House of Commons to make changes to key issues.

According to today’s edition of The Guardian newspaper, the British authorities intend, from Monday, to detain refugees who appear for routine meetings at immigration services or to secure bail.

Given this situation, refugee defense organizations and lawyers also believe that these arrests could lead to prolonged legal battles, community protests and clashes with the police.

“The Government is determined to recklessly pursue its inhumane plan for Rwanda, despite the chaos and human misery it will create,” said the chief executive of the Refugee Council, Enver Solomon, quoted by The Guardian.

The detainees will be immediately transferred to detention centers, already prepared for this purpose, where they will remain until they are placed on planes bound for Rwanda.

The British Home Office considers that this new law, which classifies Rwanda as a safe country, will be essential to “combat illegal migration and stop boats” in the English Channel, where five people lost their lives this week.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak estimated this week that the first flight would take place within 10 or 12 weeks.

The start of this detention operation, which arrives a few weeks ahead of schedule, coincides with the elections for local authorities, which take place on Thursday, in which the conservatives run the risk of losing up to half of the seats they currently occupy.

The British High Court has already struck down a previous plan to carry out these transfers and campaigners have announced that they will appeal to the courts again to block them once again.

The case will probably reach the European Court of Human Rights which, in June 2022, prevented ‘in extremis’ the first deportation to Rwanda.

Meanwhile, the Irish Government indicated today that it wants to legislate urgently to be able to send migrants back to the United Kingdom, faced with an influx from the neighboring country following the British policy of expulsions towards Rwanda.

According to the Irish Government, 80% of recent arrivals of illegal aliens are made through the land border, opened under the 1998 peace agreement, between the British province of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

According to the Irish public media outlet RTE, citing a spokesman for the Prime Minister, Simon Harris (centrist), the government official has asked his Minister of Justice to present proposals next week to change the current law on the designation of safe third countries. and allow the return to the United Kingdom of applicants who are not eligible for international protection.

The country of five million people, a member of the European Union, has been plagued in recent months by growing tensions over the accommodation of migrants, with an increase in hostile demonstrations, sometimes punctuated by incidents.

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