Through social networks, the case of a woman who was involved in a scandal at the Los Angeles airport, United States, became known. Apparently due to a problem with his flight, he insulted some employees who were supposedly the airline he was going to travel with, but they turned out to be from another one. That is, she was wrong.

The woman was a passenger on a flight of Delta airline. According to TMZ, it all started because she was complaining to the airline. allegedly for booking his flight for a day after having missed the one that was initially scheduled.

In the middle of the claim, the woman requested that she be contacted by Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation of the United States. Having a negative response to his request, his discontent increased.

“Put me on the next damn flight, seriously!” The woman is heard screaming in the video spread on social networks.

He also yelled at the people who were at the airport and He told them that they had to pay for their other flight, while hitting the nearby table hard.

In the midst of the scandal, the woman did not realize that her insults and complaints were being made to employees of a different airline, Well, in the images you can see the logo of the Canadian airline WestJe.

Finally, the moment turned out to be funny for the people who were at the Los Angeles airport. When the woman noticed that she was in the wrong place, she decided to leave and she also took the situation with humor, while the others laughed at the embarrassing situation.


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