A The proposal presented by the leader of the Republican majority in the House, Kevin McCarthy, passed with 335 votes in favor and 91 votes against, and should now be easily approved in the Senate, where the Democrats, who support President Joe Biden’s government, have a majority.

With this initiative, the Government will have financing for another 45 days from Sunday, after which it will be necessary to discuss again the problem of deficit limits and the White House’s ability to continue guaranteeing its investment projects. .

The proposal had strong support from both parties (with votes from 209 Democrats and 126 Republicans), being considered a “continuity resolution” that includes aid for areas affected by natural disasters, but rejects additional funding to help Ukraine resist the Russian invasion.

To pass, the initiative required the support of two thirds of the Chamber, as it was processed urgently, through a mechanism known as “suspension of the regulation”.

McCarthy announced the proposal after a nearly two-hour closed-door meeting.

“We are going to vote on a financing ‘patch’ so that the State continues to function for another 45 days and so that the Chamber and Senate can do their work”, explained the Republican majority leader, minutes before his vote in the Chamber.

The plan also includes funding for “the disasters in Florida, the horrible fire in Hawaii, and also the disasters in California and Vermont.”

“Let’s keep the state running as we continue to work to end waste and, most importantly, secure our border,” McCarthy argued.

Despite its success, the proposal presented by McCarthy exposes the House leader to threats from the most radical conservatives, such as Matt Gaetz, who demanded that he not present a “continuity resolution” to the vote.

“If they want to expel me because I want to be the adult in the room, let them go ahead and try. But I think the important thing is the country and I will be with our Army, I will be with our border agents and I will be with those who need it to receive medication”, promised McCarthy, referring to several services and sectors that would be affected by the possible government shutdown, which would begin on Sunday, if there was no understanding between the two parties.

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