Autumn vegetables are slowly making their appearance. If you haven’t had time to cook the mushrooms yet, maybe it’s time to enhance this vegetable. And if you are lacking inspiration, we are here to give you some recipe ideas.

Risotto is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes in Italian cuisine. Creamy and fragrant, it melts the taste buds with every bite. ! The key to a good risotto lies in the technique of combining the broth with the cream. Once mastered, making a risotto becomes child’s play. In this recipe, the risotto is flavored with thyme and rosemary, with a few drops of white wine to add a tangy note. The mixture of button mushrooms and Arborio rice gives a creamy and tender texture to this dish. You can of course replace the button mushrooms with other varieties of your choice! See the recipe for Easy Mushroom Risotto.

This fragrant starter made with vegetables that can be varied according to your desires or the season and garnished with pine nuts is the recipe you need. These vegetarian stuffed mushrooms will appeal to the most carnivorous of your guests. It’s the ideal preparation for the colder months of fall! See the recipe for Vegetarian stuffed mushrooms.

Would you like a tasty sauce to accompany your dishes? Look no further, mushroom sauce is here for you! It will be ideal to accompany grilled meats, roast poultry or even sautéed vegetables and will bring a touch of deliciousness to your dishes while remaining light and balanced. See the recipe for Mushroom Sauce.

This basic, family recipe is worth keeping in your repertoire. Particularly simple and quick to make, it will appeal to adults and children alike. This is the recipe to make when you want to have a good time together with a delicious dish, available with all varieties of mushrooms. See the recipe for Chicken Escalopes with cream and mushrooms.

If risotto is a must, it is sometimes good to revisit the classics. To do this, forget the rice and opt for wheat cooked risotto style for a tasty and original meal incorporating the mushrooms of your choice. See the recipe for blesotto with wheat and mushrooms.

An Italian recipe for tagliatelle with mushrooms without cream, easy and tasty. You can use all types of fresh mushrooms (chanterelles, porcini mushrooms, etc.), depending on the season and the market. See the recipe for Tagliatelle with chanterelles.

This recipe combines the tenderness of chicken with the delicate flavor of mushrooms, all wrapped in a delicious crispy puff pastry. Serve these delicious chicken and mushroom flights with a crunchy green salad for a balanced and comforting meal! See the recipe for Chicken and Mushroom Vols au vent.

Bordeaux-style porcini mushrooms are a true culinary marvel that will delight mushroom lovers. Their simple preparation and their perfect combination of garlic, shallot and porcini mushrooms make them a delicious accompaniment to enhance your dishes. Discover this recipe full of flavors without further delay! See the recipe for Cèpes à la Bordelaise.

So don’t wait any longer, get into the kitchen and let yourself be seduced by these delicious and comforting recipes!


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